Trump’s Instincts, Good or Bad

President Elect DJ Trump is making some interesting, exact choices for key positions in his coming administration that present the potential for true change for America.  This writer sees a stronger defense industry whereby our war-fighters become adequately equipped to prosecute peacekeeping missions on foreign soil as well as in protecting our homeland.
DJT’s selection of a leading oil industry executive for Secretary of State over a lawyer in Rudy G., or a banker in Mitt R. is a profound master stroke of leadership over cronyism, however, there is a warning here……..
DJT is a globalist elitist whose primary interest is in his family’s emergence as America’s first “royal family” model in our nation’s history. Accordingly, it is with a great warning that we should all remain watchful for further indications that DJT is actually stacking the deck for a global oil cabal unlike ever seen before by aligning V. Putin’s Russian oligarchy with America’s Trump oligarchy.  
Please remember that concentrated power becomes an absolute power which causes us to remember another 20th-century leader whose power became absolute allowing him to sweep across Europe and decimate the continent before being stopped.
DJT is rightfully placing several key military leaders in key roles but also aligning with big oil in the name of hiring seasoned and experienced resume holders. Let’s be hopeful but guarded in how this plays out as there may become a day we wish HRC would have won the White House if DJT turns out bad or worse, disastrous, for low and middle-income Americans and we find ourselves again fighting economic battles to protect those at the top of the food chain of the Trump oligarchy.  Does he know what he is doing?  We think he does.  We just don’t know if the outcome will be for good or for bad.