Mr. Barack Hussain Obama has proven himself ineffective at governing, to be highly racist in spirit as in anti-causing, weak in character and downright deceptive by nature. He surrounded himself with weak and self-absorbed racists whose sole mission was undermining our Judeo-Christian heritage by rewriting and recreating new American history to meet their socialistic agenda. They created criminal justice crisis’s, undermined regular folks through the corruption of the IRS, FBI, DOJ, DHS, DoD and every other critical agency whose mission is the protection of our national interest and created policy by executive order rather than legislative process. Hillary Clinton’s political activism evolved to become part of the architectural team who extended George Herbert Bush’s dream of a New World Order put in place by his father and grandfather when they were influential American financiers and political insiders. American voters and evangelicals rejected these elitist ideals with the election of Donald Trump accordingly, we hope he becomes the president for conservatives while our prognostics this occurs remain less than optimistic.

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