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Trump’s Carrier Deal Not Good For America

Why would keeping American jobs in America not be good for America?
Simply because  using tax incentives doled out to corporate interests is corporate welfare not proactive commerce that creates jobs increasing American prosperity.
When our presidents, states governors and local economic development corporations use public funds to benefit corporate interests just for locating jobs from one state to another or to keep jobs here that are going offshore, all Americans are supporting that company the same as corporate bond guarantees, direct subsidies and indirect price controls to benefit one citizen over another, they simply send a bad signal to all corporate c-suites to threaten to leave then watch the public funds come in.   Socialism is the government control of businesses that benefit one citizen over another and this is exactly what Donald Trump is doing.  This writer has maintained since last summer when Trump became the nominee that he was nothing more than a leverage king who would exercise his elitist globalist mindset contrary to the American peoples’ great heritage of free enterprise and individual rights.
Folks, watch this guy and as his “corrective” actions to make American great again continue, the common thread will be his innate skill at passing the buck onto the poor bank depositors like those who paid the bill for his casino bankruptcies but now he can pass the buck onto the future generations of Americans.  Of course, his family will not see these expenses as they will become the beneficiaries of corporate interests who will reap the rewards of his policies……..  Republicanism is not corporate charity on the backs of middle-class taxpayers.