Apparently, Peter Thiel, had a financial interest in DJT becoming president that isn’t being discussed openly; the reason why should be a concern to the American people.Peter Thiel has large investments in companies that will be harmed if Obama care is repealed and with Chinese trade that Thiel needs Trump to protect.

Keep in mind folks that the only reason the 1%ers support one candidate over another is their personal financial interests and Trump understands how to leverage this fact better than most so let’s expect to follow Trumps continual distancing from his campaign promises as he arranges his cabinet, conducts private meetings with Mitt Romney, Mark Cuban and other high profile 1%ers who did not support Trump in the campaign but now discussing which favorite business deal they want to be protected, and, gradually announces his intentions to back away from his pre-election promises to the American people.

Trump is not a man of his word not because he is posturing for negotiations but because he does not know about nor understand the facts of the promises he made in the first place. Trump is a fraud and as his presidency tee’s up, this fact will manifest over and over again. He is a weak kneed little man with an enormous ego, therefore, his elitist nature and globalist proclivities will become more and more evident each week that passes. Watch everyone near this president for signs of increases in their known and private net worths. Trump is cutting deals and winning his place in history by bearing gifts to those he deems elitist enough. Thiel is an obvious recipient as the Trump gravy train takes shape.