UnityThroughSolutions and its members are  thrilled  the left wing of American politics is writhing in pain as their failed policies and heavy-handed public strategies for dividing Americans with the ridiculous social re-engineering of acceptable lifestyles and respectable society goes up in smoke.  Using homosexual and transgender issues along with engineered racial events as the lever while applying  political correctness as a solution to the many fiscal and political issues that plague the nation was just not productive having now been totally debunked as a viable political strategy.  We must remember the names of these evil doers in our society including Clinton, Obama, Bush (“my brother by another mother” George W Bush about William Jefferson Clinton referring to WJC’s ascension to the White House as George Herbert Bush’s “boy”),  Pelosi, Reid, Jackson, Sharpton, Lynch, Holder, Lewis, Learner, Soros, and on and on……… As republicans, we should now unwind each and every policy these people imposed on Americans as they promoted the divisive politics of yesteryear to accomplish some scheme that has now rendered the country financially and moralistically bankrupt.  Let us come together to rebuild anew with a spirit of compassion, yet deliberate in our resolve that all Americans can be free to live their lives in quiet subjection to a distilled and seriously shrunken set of laws at every level of our national and statutory governance, blind to political personalities past failures but focused upon their future actions.  Accordingly, if Trump Inc. executes according to their campaign promises, we remain supportive, however, if the Trump administration deviates from its pre-election promise to the American people, we are mobilized and ready to become the adversary Trump wishes he never had as we will vote him out in 2020 if he survives impeachment that long.  The time for reasserting conservative values has arrived and if Trump is the guy, so be it but if he proves otherwise, well, at least he did send the liberals to the woodshed and for that, we are thankful.