Americans have been subjected to every deviant lifestyle being forced upon us by the liberal left wing of American politics.  UnityThroughSolutions believes this part of the New World Order agenda is solely responsible for the proliferation of Islamic terrorism globally and for the impact we here in America are experiencing as a result.  In the Middle Eastern Countries where Islamic religions are prevalent they can do whatever their leaders want, but across the Americas, we should reject their proliferation along with the homosexual invasion of our young people and Judeo-Christian churches.  If we end the concept that Islamic Jihad is an option in America as the Democratic Party leadership has successfully opened the door to, we can also rebuild our financial balance sheet and allow hard working Americans to reclaim our heritage as free from the tyranny of oppressive governance and overly burdensome taxation.  We should immediately end any financial support of Islamic proliferation in America through closing the tax deductibility for religious institutions, prohibit American chartered banks from transferring any funds to any electronic medium to/for Islamic institutions and kill ISIS before totally withdrawing our military boots on the ground from the region.  The Presidency of Bill Clinton, George W Bush and finally Barak Obama encouraged lawlessness in America by illegally allowing local politicians to declare as Sanctuary Cities or to otherwise undermined the laws of the land.  America rejected the Hillary Clinton candidacy as a referendum against continued lawless behavior by our political elite, therefore, we should turn back the hands of evil and the Democratic Party along with the Islamic terrorism they encouraged on our shores through their racial activism.