Preserving Community Banking

Community Banking Preserves America
Community Banking Preserves America


As Arkansas’s governor, attorneys’ Bill Clinton and His wife Hillary Clinton ushered in the economic model of incorporating state tax incentives supporting business for job sustainability or creation.  This model was good for their buddies and helped make more than one Arkansas billionaire’s fortune.  The Clintons understood that money was power whether it was your’s or they helped their friends obtain it then took another step once they became adept at using their status and the government agencies they influenced, even killing folks if useful, to preserving their system.  When Bill Clinton, Sandy Weill, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan, Phil Gramm, Robert Rubin and others developed their plan to gut the American financial system through repealing Glass-Steagall, they transferred so much wealth from the country to themselves even though most of their money is shielded from our view.  The fact that 9/11was put into motion under the Clinton’s failed foreign policies, nearly broke our way of life, exacerbated by the central bankers pumping so much capital into the system creating dollars out of thin air to support our foreign crusades however most of the cash disappeared into caverns we still cannot reconcile.  September 2008’s economic collapse was a reaction to the economic stimuli pumping cash creation and the banking system’s bubble mindset for “managing risk”.  No banker was punished for stealing your money through all the shenanigans. We have been forced out of our homes, businesses, retirement and into a cashless system where we have no control of our own capital or futures.  The government and those who live off of our hard work have total control of us and our financial resources.
When bankers talk about managing risk they are just selling you a product that has nothing to do with risk or whether or not you actually make money with their products but rest assured they are getting paid.  Negative interest rates are now our normal so now they want to charge us for saving.  How do we get back to reinvesting into our economy, our people and reclaim our financial system?  We must return to the community banking model where the local bankers who know the folks in our community and lend our money to them to create jobs and economic velocity.
Solution;  We must stop using debt to purchase things we do not need and pay off existing debt obligations as we can.  We must only do business with local banks owned by members of our community and force the too big to fail banks to reduce their footprint and control over our money.  We must insist that our legislative bodies return to Glass-Steagall in its original form and to repeal without exception, Dodd-Frank.  Our changed patterns of going to cash instead of credit, using local banks instead of national banks, forcing elected officials to simplify the burdens on business and individuals by eliminating cumbersome legislation and returning effective protections to our financial system are our first steps.  The Clintons made transferring your wealth to their friends through government a way of life which infected the whole economy, it is incumbent upon us to reclaim our financial resources from government, politicians and their lawyers.