Has Mainstream Media Gone Tabloid?

Tabloid journalism has gone by way of the cartoon however mainstream media has gone the way of tabloid journalism, passe’ and irrelevant. When we tune into CNN and MSNBC for some news all we get is liberal hogwash. FOX used to tout its “fair and balanced” approach as its claim to fame however now finds itself as the only media outlet trying to just remain somewhat ahead of the liberal trend of just entertainment at the expense of objective reporting. The mainstream media has become just another partisan medium for twisting the public with biased mind games meant to influence the viewer to the liberal agenda. We look at Hollywood actors whose life is consumed with imitating others and fantasy; these are the folks whose sense of reality is based on fairy tales so why in the world would we care about their opinion about the real issues of life and politics? The mainstream media is nothing more than wanna be actors reading the words of creative writers who like their entertainment brethren from Hollywood, have this distorted view of reality and bend the facts to meet their narrative of what a perverted utopia should be like. Fantasy is the product of tabloid magazines and our mainstream media has adopted the same formula for pitching their liberal crap. Time to get back to objective basics focused reporting of reality. Turn off your mainstream media as just not worth your time or attention.