Transition or Transformation

King Trump?
King Trump ?
UnityThroughSolutions is a positive outcomes focused platform with a downside bias when analyzing topics including the evolution of the Trump presidency.
While we have a completed roster of solutions that have been developed over several years from our business experience and observations, we also realize that political agendas are always a hinderance and barrier to entry for championing change.
Trump was the least of the two evils for this election and we are very thankful he pulled it out however we also recognize and repeat earlier commentary warning of his proclivities to self interest.
We voters hoped for transformation as we heard his campaign rhetoric now watch in horror as our earlier prognostics evolve, warning then that he was a little man with a big mouth in fact now only transitioning, not transforming our government with real reforms.
We fear that we have been highjacked and his elitist /globalist perspective will hurt, not help the 90%ers who have been kicked to the curb over the last 40 years of political cronyism and self dealing insiders.
Trump is placing his family forward as part of his transition team and seeks security clearances for them as they transform into a ruling family much like the Queen of England.
Are we going to allow our republic, er democracy, to become a monarchy?  This writer believes the “Trump family dynasty” is replacing transformational campaign promises as our government becomes a Monarchy under the Trump Family Organization.
 Apparently we have been hoodwinked again as our Constitutional heritage is pillaged further.  America needs a regular guy leading our renaissance not this elitist globalist so lets be vigilant and start to prepare for 2018 and 2020, if we have a country left by then.