Will Term Limits Survive?

Trump is establishing his key advisors and cabinet along with hints on which campaign promises he will honor, which ones will get watered down and which he was just plain pandering about.

This writer is of the opinion based upon the guidance so far that term limits are going to get some visibility then fade away as Trump becomes Washingtonized.

We have to wonder if he is just still in shock at winning and trying to get some footing or if he is already throwing in the towel on actually making a difference for Americans.

Possibly we elected a pig in a poke but let’s give him some time to show more of his colors but so far, I suspect he is a rainbow much like his real estate promotions, full of hype, hot air, full of bright colors and just as elusive as a pot of gold.

  • Will term limits become the law of the land?
  • Will Obama-care get repealed and replaced with a real privatized system that controls cost and promotes wellness through health maintenance?
  •  Will he build the wall or just a wire to say he did something?

This guy is looking more like a chump than a champ.