Holding Trump Accountable

Trump is his own man in his own mind.  He is not self-made but he is self-imposed. He has become successful which is admirable on the face.
The unknown is how he will execute his “To Do” list and how reliable the outcomes are to his campaign promises.
His execution in the first 100 days is the barometer of whether or not he is reliable in his convictions to carry out the actual corrective actions required to become a credible president.
If he does not prosecute each and every campaign promise, he is illegitimate and we should start to look at 2018 and 2020 to further enact corrective actions of any failures he allows and does not address under his watch.
We will be watching, talking , posturing and moving the ball forward in the event he turns out to be the Clintonite this writer has suspected of him ever since he announced his interest in pursuing the republican party candidacy.
Lightning strikes do occur and we  have half a chance at fixing the country under this president so let’s support him until we see him make his first statement indicating a contrary position to any of his campaign promises.  Anything less is unacceptable to  us as Christians and American patriots.