Desecrating the American Flag.

Desecration of our Flag will not be tolerated anymore

Of course, Americans recognize the importance of respecting the flag and hold it as a symbol of our national pride.

When we are exposed to people who would desecrate this symbol of our national heritage and the freedoms we enjoy as a result of the ultimate sacrifice made by our forefathers, we have to take notice and question who these people really are.

When young people express their individualism by destroying our national symbol they cease to become credible citizens so we have to ask who raised these childish characters and then ask who allowed them to harbor such adverse feelings towards our homeland?
The parents obviously failed to teach them proper manners, our schools failed to teach them civics and the facts behind our sovereign heritage, our politicians failed to provide a moral compass by example and our political correctness fails to hold anyone accountable for their actions.

Our police forces are scapegoats for failed political governance and those heroic officers who defend our freedoms and provide our safety become targets for militant organizations and individuals who have no personal integrity so what do we do.
UnityThroughSolutions recommends we criminalize anyone who desecrates our flag by time in jail, time in civics class and a meaningful fine that can be paid by meaningful community service alongside law enforcement officers in their area.

Once lawbreakers get to know law enforcers through personal interaction, this writer is glad to bet that the lawbreaker may come to realize the law enforcer is a pretty good person and just might take away a better understanding of life in the real world.


Desecrating our flag is unacceptable behavior and accordingly, must be dealt with as a criminal act. Do not be seduced by the free speech argument  as there are numerous exceptions that have been upheld . We need a specific  law as we once had that prohibits any damaging of our flag period .