Republican Redo

Here are the facts folks, republicanism under the old rule is history where the Bush, McCain, Ryan, names have faded away as meaningful leaders of the party.

Bush, destroyed, McCain rode a long career from his military service but really contributed nothing more and Paul Ryan, well, poor Paul just wanted so bad to become significant but could not overcome the fact he knew little about the real world and had even fewer serious thoughts about how to actually fix anything.

The New Republicans are many of the old guys who saw problems and wanted to bring about change but were thwarted or dismissed by the status quo old guard so new kids are full of ideas, practical solutions to our national issues, and, have the heart to take on the old guard. I did not forget poor Donald, he was and remains an ally of Hillary, is an elitist with global aspirations so while this writer prays that he emerges today as our president-elect, although he is not our fix it guy.

The angst of this election cycle and the revelations of his personal proclivities were just too revealing and unfortunately like Paul Ryan, he is no better equipped functionally, physiologically or emotionally to correct the issues we face as a nation.

As this election day concludes, Americans still need representation by capable and adult leadership. UnityThroughSolutions is prepared to lead in this new age for the American Republican Party; the party of action, integrity, character and real solutions.