Electronic Ballot Machines are Bogus.

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The electronic ballot counting machines have been thrust upon the voting public as the efficient alternative to hand counting and hanging chads, however, we should all become aware that these machines are far from reliable and actually allow for centralized control of the outcomes by unscrupulous operators and programmers paid by the democratic party. You should ask why the democratic party and not the republican party but we should have already crossed the bridge of reality that in America today; it doesn’t matter as they are one and the same. When George W Bush and Al Gore had their little disagreement over who won relying upon the SCOTUS to make the award of the president, the fix for electronic machines was in. This writer would encourage you to go to http://www.Blackboxvoting.org and watch the video of voting machine vendor representatives demonstrating the failures of these machines to accurately count the ballots. Undoubtedly the stock value of the Diebold company was boosted by the contract and undoubtedly again, politicians ended up with shares in their personal investment portfolio. Allowing smart guys sitting in smoke filled rooms to alter the outcomes of our elections by reprogramming the machines to the desired candidate or election result is astounding. UnityThroughSolutions recommends that we suspend electronic voting and return to the tried, true and reliable process of hand processing by local party precinct supervisors who can hold each other accountable to maintain fair and honest elections. To argue otherwise is to support rigged elections in America.