Executive Branch is Broken

America. Home of the free and the brave where the rule of law is sacrosanct, not. The last half dozen presidential terms have proven that integrity, competence, leadership, good ideas and patriotic are no longer buzzwords that describe our presidents and their surrogates. Both major parties are partisan first, Americans last with their hands out and getting rich the main objective for their being there as Barak Obama stated to the country in his acceptance speech that he won and gets the spoils of office. Unfortunately for us The judicial and legislative branches are no better off where the idea of public service is really public grifting by crooks and thieves. The senior officials of our primary law enforcement agencies are political hacks also appointed by the partisan crooks who place their friends into positions of power to thwart the will and security of the American people. Tomorrow, November 8, 2016 marks the day the crooks have squared off for and again the American people have lost as both presidential candidates are the epitome of corruption and really, it just doesn’t matter which party wins the White House any more. Until Americans place their man forward and demand he prosecute the counter insurgency to the Constitution, we remain a third world nation ran by war lords and crime families.