Obama’s Law (Video)

Obama's Law
Obama’s Law
This president came to America from who knows where, learned to use our laws against us in law school, organized criminals through his community activities, highjacked America with the liberal leftists and social re-engineers.
Now he wants to totally unwind our sovereign rights to vote our leaders at any cost.
His latest is the abandonment of voter protections currently requiring only citizens of “These United States” to have a vote; never mind that foreign interlopers and illegals have no allegiance to us and are stealing our heritage because of the democratic party and the very bad people who run the country now.
 The liberal agenda to destroy America seems intact as James Comey again stipulates that HRC’s crimes of treason do not raise to the level of criminal intent.
We have an election where everyone can vote so why have voter registration and if your name is Clinton or some Islamic state actor, you are under no obligation to worry about our justice system coming after you.
Folks, we are screwed under Obama’s law. Batten down the hatches and get ready for anarchy under these criminals who have stolen your future.