Unity Through Solutions discusses                                               Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Criminal Enterprise

Clintons Criminal Enterprise
The three legs of the Clinton Criminal Enterprise
I guess we are all conspiracy theorists unless  the Clintons are actually running a criminal enterprise?
They dost protest too much that we are all whacks, conservative right wing conspiracy nuts, greedy little opposition.
In James Carvel’s mind “just plain stupid” to ever believe the Clintons are self dealing, treasonous, socialist oligarchs.
They are for the little guy, the downtrodden, the disenfranchised and on and on.
Please give us a break, all of you who feed at the Clinton trough.  The Clintons are overly ambitious, sociopaths who are clinically disturbed and whose only objective in life is that feeling of superiority from having gamed Arkansas, then America and many of their brethren who are as well evil and corrupt across the world in both political office and corporate interests.
They throw it in our face every day and by trying to legitimize their crimes by seeking the office of POTUS again. Well I guess why not?  Its gotten them this far.  Every senior level USGov department or agency is scared for their paycheck, their pension and their lives so what do we do?

 All of us will  mobilize against the Clintons and demand that any public official who does not uphold the letter of the law against the Clintons be prosecuted and removed by any legal method available to our criminal justice system. Excuse me, we did try that and poor Mr Comey caved in to Ms Lynch who was apparently threatened or paid off or both by Bill Clinton on her plane a few weeks ago.  Sounds like a Clinton Criminal Enterprise that has to be stopped NOW.