Did She Really Commit Treason?

Hillary Clinton, foreign subversive working against the United States for her foundations personal gain……. could it be true?

Unfortunately, folks, what many have known and more have questioned is finally a fact proven by HRC henchmen emails and inter-company communications.

The time to shut down this criminal enterprise was 30 years ago but we’ll take later better than never in this case.

Her merry band of conspirators has finally been exposed for who and what they are as self-serving criminals who would sell their own country and neighbors down the drain so let’s celebrate the new dawn of American justice by indicting the senior class of the Obama administration and send the world the message that we are not going to allow the discount sale of America’s wealth to foreign interests.

She really did commit treason and a whole lot more with someone at the top of DHS publicly stipulating the facts.

Barry, Slick Willy, HRC and the list grows as our civilian law enforcement and federal agencies prosecute their duty to obtain evidence against the Clinton Crime Family. Make sure you vote the straight republican ticket on November 8.

2 thoughts on “Did She Really Commit TREASON?

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