Bundy Vindication

Free men and women all ..

Original Oregon 8 All who refused a plea deal have been acquitted
Original Oregon 8 All who refused a plea deal have been acquitted


Topic:  Bundy Vindication
The Bundy family have had their day in court where much to the chagrin of certain USBLM officials vindication of a travesty that should not occur in the US has been corrected.
 We as citizens must always remember that our US Government is the greatest national governance structure on the planet but there are bad operators inside who will use their position to persecute others.
These are folks with the power of the government behind them and lawyers who use the law to persecute innocents in courts of law.  In this case the Bundy defense team did good and won against the BLM for its actions against the Bundy family by winning an acquittal.  When bad people are incentivized by corruption at the top as has been the case for the last eight years, and use their office to deny citizens our rights, these people must be taken to the woodshed in order to deter further instances of corruption and persecution.
The Bundy’s did what they could and maybe a little zealous in tactic but, they should not have been placed into the situation in the first place.  As the American people, let us stand together against anyone who will use their government position to cause distress of the innocent and to celebrate when bad folks in government get whipped.