Pension Crisis Upon American Workers

Time Magazine Cover Baby Boomers Turn 40
Time Magazine Cover Baby Boomers Turn 40
American pension funds’ assumed rates of return on deposits that are required to pay out committed and statutory benefits to Americans is way too high.
Accordingly, the cash is just not there.  Political smoke and mirrors created by America’s banking system lobbyists on behalf of the bankers under ERISA and Taft-Hartley is a known reality of fraud and cooked accounting gimmicks.
Now that baby boomers are in full retirement phase of our lives as exponential increases in costs of living compound against us, we are getting a glimpse of what lies ahead for generation X and millennials as the also come to the realization they have also been fleeced.  Creative accounting gimmicks and incompetent fiduciaries chasing fees for themselves has created a climate where trading and “riskless” investing which are oxymorons to prudent investing (as in actually building value and cash flows) chase unicorn stocks and social media equities that are only speculative tools similar to Las Vegas roulette wheels.
Folks, the bank is broke and the bankers took the money.  The regulatory bodies responsible for maintaining your retirement dollars have sold you out.
If you are concerned about your future much less that of the next generation, UnityThroughSolutions encourages you to become active and exercise your voice  to join with us in forcing the bankers, lawyers, and politicians to protect your money.
Consider Illinois and their 200 billion dollar shortfall… then look at your own retirement savings and current tax climate of the country to determine if you will survive.
Vote republican November 8 and come with us as we unify together to implement the solutions to correct the last 40 years of self-dealing by our politicians and their lawyers.