Hillary’s Perverted Henchmen

The House of Crooked Clinton
Bill Clinton marries Hillary Rodham who continues to use her maiden name until he wins the White House.  Bill is a known man-whore whose method operendi is to molest every woman who was unfortunate to get caught in an out of the way location. Or as often was the case they place themselves there for the very purpose of becoming sexually engaged with him.  Hillary’s ambition for money and power allows her to compartmentalize the philandering nature of her perverted husband, therefore, she becomes his enabler as his pervert-in-chief.
Everyone around this couple since Arkansas has been the dregs of society starting with Begala, Carvel, Stephenapolis, and on and on as everyone has converted their relationship to nonproductive entertainers as television talk heads.
HRC’s long time COS and best friend, Huma Abedin is married to another known pervert and pedophile whose antics may finally force the FBI to do its job much to the chagrin of Loretta Lynch, DOJ and State Department heads.
Perversion is a crime and this crime family from Arkansas is finally getting their just rewards for fleecing America for nearly four decades.