Huma …Smile you are on  Candid Camera .

Courtesy of Project Veritas and James O’Keefe.


This young and un-impressionable Muslim has become the poster child for the Clinton corruption machine now facing a criminal indictment, treason and an assortment of additional charges for her participation in crimes against America as HRC’s right hand, er foot in mouth. Suddenly she is today 11/1/2016  just a staffer.
We Americans have scratched our heads in bewilderment over the Clintons reverence and deference to Muslims then watched as Mr. Obama unwound every accomplishment the US DoD and intelligence communities achieved while losing great American soldiers in the battles waged by exiting Iraq prematurely now with arming Iran as they become another North Korea.  These democrats pander with lip service to Americans at election time but what have we seen them do for America?
Not a damn thing but undermine, squander, pillage and yes, I forgot the word rape, as in Mr. Clinton and his escapades.  Now we have Hume.  Good old Hume to hang out to dry along with her pedophile husband.  I wonder if the Clintons will disown her.  Will she commit suicide like Ms. Clintons lover and protector, Mr. Foster?  Will she have a horrible car accident or like Mr. Brown, just a plane crash to end her sojourn here?
Somehow the Clintons will have to clean house and poor Hume, maybe someone at State can just banish her to protective custody before the Clintons “take care of business” the way the Clintons take care of business.  James Comey may want her for some good insider information to put away the Clintons before the Clintons get her.