Christian Persecution Claims by Ms Brazile

This Donna Brazile surrogate of the Clintons’ has really stretched even by democratic party terms. Once again these folks prove they are incapable of speaking truth. They just spin words together without any concern of how silly they sound. 
 That she can even mouth the words indicating she is being persecuted by Ms Megan Kelly in a live FOX News interview was quit ridicululous as Ms Brazile implied that she was a Christian woman and would not be “persecuted” for getting caught lying to the press over preempting CNN moderator questions to HRC before the debate.

This writer is unqualified to render an opinion as to MS Brazile’s status as a Christian but I can certainly comment as to her veracity as a truthful and credible person. 

She is neither credible or truthful because if she were, she would not be able to remain employed by the crooks she currently associates herself. You are who you associate yourselves accordingly, I doubt Ms Brazile can remain a Christian due to the company she keeps.