WikiLeaks, Friend or Foe



In the computer age of social media and instant communications to the masses, one would assume that the public would have greater access to facts and knowledge. We find the opposite is true.
This fact is especially obvious when trying to obtain facts from our USGov and the political interests who falsify every aspect to their activities, spinning fact into fiction as they advance their particular narrative.
When crimes are committed as a matter of policy as is the case throughout the Obama presidency and the Clinton Crime Family rein, the public requires at least one fact-checking resource to correct the false narrative of these Democrats.
If hacking Democratic party servers and email accounts of the criminals who operate there is the solution so be it.
The safe position with the Clintons is assuming that anything said by them and their surrogates are false. Then fact-check it against the actual emails and documents obtained by WikiLeaks.wikileaks
Honest folks don’t have to worry about their servers being hacked. If they are, prosecute the hacker when the documents support the facts
Unfortunately, our FBI and Department of Justice are no more credible than the corner drug dealer so Unity Through Solutions says ” Let WikiLeaks do their thing and continue providing Americans the truth about Clinton Inc. and the Democratic machine.
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