Who is  the Fairest of Them All ?

Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror

What a dramatic series of press releases, apologies, backtracking and
general political backstabbing this last few days of October 7th to 9th.
Videotapes revealing that “boys will talk like boys” when they
think no one is listening.  Trump then held it together through test of
personal fortitude and articulated the very statements about Clinton’s
past during the debate, the very questions and accusations that should
have indicted both Bill and Hillary Clinton several times over.  They all
have warts and are political elitists. Trump is trying to make like an
outsider however the American people may just become savvy enough to realize that all the current actors in the game are crooks as defined by
folks who break the law or are just folks who make the laws that benefit
themselves.  The American people are screwed but at least now everyone, not just those of us who are actually aware of how they play the game, know that the whole deck is stacked by the wart covered elitists who call themselves “public servants.”  Who will emerge as the fairest of them all?

3 thoughts on “Who is the Fairest of Them All ?

  1. No one is perfect. Just do all you .can do by voting for the one who should have been indicted least times. With Trump and Hillary the contest is a no brainer. Vote Trump Hillary is a lying, globalist, one world government, U.N. worshipping, Muslim loving work of art.

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