Clinton’s Scorn for Faithful.

Get back into those Pews and shut the Hell up!
Get back into those pews and shut the Hell up!
Unity Through Solutions has been clear that the 2016 candidates pandering to faith based initiatives and people of faith reflects their true opinion and policy positions.
The Clinton campaign emails reveal their disdain and condescending attitude for voters of the Christian and Evangelical Christian communities .
Now we can all say with certainty that our  Christian values are nothing but irritations of the candidates political and legislative leanings.
This writer has believed that as Christians we have usurped our moral obligation to our countrymen as we remained quiet while the liberal left ran roughshod attacking every element of moral bearing in our society as they persecuted the name of our Lord Jesus Christ through political correctness.
Every voter who casts their ballot for another Clinton administration is a voting against the people who settled our country including native Americans, African Americans and early European explorers and settlers.
The Democratic (demon) party does not represent our national interests. Its elites only  exercise their ambitions to steal our livelihoods, our sovereignty, and our very souls through their deceit and corruption.
Please vote for only Republican Party candidates in spite of their shortcomings.
Let us prepare for the emergence of a true American patriot for the presidency in 2020.
While Trump is not of us either, there is hope for him unlike the Clintons and their associates who long ago turned their backs on America.

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