Unity Through Solutions Return Education to Teachers
Return Education to Teachers

Return Education to Teachers

Repeating the same old tunes about the disastrous Common Core, tenured liberal professorships, dumbing down and student loan debacles is no longer productive.

Unity Through Solutions is concerned that the current election process is overriding the public’s attention.  Qualified teachers whose mission is the advancement of solid learning tools  helping our children become productive, motivated and successful citizens should be rewarded through direct financial incentives based upon outcomes of their students.
Unity Through Solutions would encourage all voters to identify selfless teachers inside their children’s classrooms for public acknowledge.
Parents who take an active interest in their child’seducation are best qualified to support proactive teaching results, not systemized liberal administrators in some dark smoke filled office somewhere in Washington DC, many of whom are anti family and whose lifestyles are less than stellar role models for raising up young people.
Political correctness did not work so its time for responsible and moral centered citizens to retake our education system from these so called “educators” and replace them with outcomes based teachers.