Business Investment for  America’s Middle Class .

Business Investment for America's Middle Class
Business Investment for America’s Middle Class
Unity Through Solutions reminds us that the developing third world countries are attracting institutional investment capital.  As a result these countries’ middle classes are exploding.  We should be asking ourselves why institutional fund managers do not invest in America’s middle class.  It is simple.
  • We believe America’s legislators have made it too expensive to invest in America effectively pushing our industries offshore through outsourcing.
  • We believe  the story is more sordid than this and  suggest that the facts are  only developing third world countries will hand over everything to their lenders just for a chance to work unlike American business entrepreneurs who want some for themselves and are not willing to let a bunch of snotty nosed Ivy league educated kids posing as risk managers rule their shop.
The solution is for us here in the never never land of indentured servitude to vote out politicians who accept any money from banking lobbyist and fund mangers.
The time to retake our capital markets and force legislation that encourages American investment in American entrepreneurs has come.
We all should be closing any accounts we maintain with national banks and using the local services of community banks for the bulk of our banking needs while only using national banks for international transactions.
We have proven community banking models that should be supported and a restructuring of the FED to insure that American interests are promoted.
Local bankers are better suited to make risk decisions regarding local businesses.