World Bank Putting a Price on Pollution

Carbon Credits Trading Fiasco

Unity Through Solutions highlights the fiasco of “carbon credit exchanges” promulgated by the Climate Change religion  as global tax in for economies of the world. 

  • There is growing global momentum to put a price on carbon pollution. About 40 national and 23 sub national governments have put in place carbon pricing mechanisms, covering 12 percent of global emissions.
  • Nearly half of the national pledges submitted in the run-up to the Paris COP21 climate conference reference carbon pricing, and new approaches are being rolled out in China, France, Canada and other countries.
  • The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, which brings together more than 20 governments and 90 companies, is holding its first High Level Assembly in Washington this week, where it will push for greater global support for stronger carbon pricing policies.
  • The Paris Accords now have the required participation to spur implementation
The harmful effects of contaminated ground water for drinking, irrigation and stabilizing geological structures throw our society into chaos.  A watchdog agency with teeth to insure we do not irreversibly ruin our natural resources is critical to our very survival.
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The EPA serves a great and useful service to the American people and any talk of abolishing this  vital agency does not serve us well.  Lets remember that our environment is a most critical, precious and fragile element of our society . Once contaminated or irreversibly ruined, it cannot be simply “cleaned up” overnight.
That being said, our liberal leaders of the last 30 years have politicized and effectively compromised their credibility.  Accordingly we must insist and then force that the politicization of environmental protections stop. Today the globalists’s are effecting the next great market to exploit. 
The environmental emmisions trading exchanges are valued from market to market. Specific economic considerations impact values as well as industry considerations. The following exchanges represent present market values including spot market as well as auction trades. Also, the following exchanges represent a global view with respect to currency, protocol, regional compliance and recent tenders.
Carbon exchanges Ready to go    Carbon Credit 05 Unity through Solutions 2016 2020
One idea is to restrict any politician or lawyer from making money from any environmental program, cause, or action related to environmental outcomes.  The fact that Al Gore made Global Warming the compromised political “hot potato” it has become is representative of the manner that corruption by government employees while in public service allows them to create programs and bills that allows them to monetize outcomes for themselves.


Eliminate “public servants” and their lawyers from capitalizing for themselves, story lines and programs that falsify information to the American people.

As we know methods of war can include environmental crisis created by self-serving politicians, therefore any politicians and their lawyers making one dollar from business interests or false flags related to environmental causes should be prosecuted for treason.  Of course this step would force lawyers to only include facts in their pleadings, filings and bills which is beyond their moral compass but none the less necessary for restoring integrity to the system.

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