DOJ and FBI Criminal Culpability

Both Democratic and Republican party talking heads and lawyers are full of inconsistent and false narratives they expect Americans to believe.

As an outsider watching arguments these goofy lawyers profer I conclude  our legal industry has removed  truthfulness from modern jurisprudence and political discourse in an effort to  become relevant on the national scene.

  • Why do Americans allow such fictions to permeate our so called “news” reporting organizations?
  • Do Americans even care any more that our Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation are just shills for the political elites?
  • Why should Americans not revolt at the false pretenses they subject us to and seriously, do they actually think we believe one word that passes their lips?


The solution for this blatant disregard of  truth and justice is  requiring all lawyers be regulated. Any lawyer found to state any false opinion as fact should be disbarred and, no lawyer ever again permitted to hold public office. Clearly these officers of the court er, law enforcement professionals are nothing more than political lap dogs accordingly should be shown the doghouse and, jailed. Liars are crooks and every one of these lawyers are liars, crooks pure and simple. What will we do about it?

2 thoughts on “DOJ and FBI Criminal Culpability

  1. Dennis Unity Through Solutions has contacts at the mid levels of both organizations who are deeply disappointed by their leaderships’ decisions If a leader has the intestinal fortitude to prosecute those we can agree should at least be charged and tried then and only then will America be able to unite and move forward The gentleman who has stepped forward to champion our movement is a man of character above reproach and the courage to take on the opposition He will be announcing in less than 60 days as a candidate for President. He contends that the Democrats are quite comfortable that they have this election in the bag with more revelations to come out like the one today Join us daily share and like the posts you agree with add comments to those that you think you may have a better idea We thank you for taking the time to visit and comment


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