Real Estate Boom Cycles always Bust

Why does our banking system invest in constructing buildings in our major cities that have no commercial value and will sit empty for years?
Is it to concentrate residential and business centers in designated areas?  Why would so-called “risk managers” at banks and pension funds fiduciaries place their capital into black holes with the only chance of making money by selling the property to another pension fund manager that even further exacerbates the bubble?
Very simply folks.  Bankrupting America…


  • Those of us who believe that decentralization of human resources is necessary should move to the country, grow some food and learn to live independently from governmental giveaway programs.
  • Furthermore, we should sell all pension paper assets and purchase small farms throughout America and convert that worthless paper “investment” into hard assets like gold and silver coins and farmland.
  • Then we should learn how to grow our own unaltered food from organic seed.
Let us show those “suits” sitting in high places that we are still in control of our lives.  Walk away from their empty buildings and reject indentured servitude.
We should break from from Indentured Service
Indentured Servant