Global Warming is a Hoax

The EPA serves a great and useful service to the American people and any talk of abolishing this vital agency does not serve us well.  Let us remember that our environment is a most critical, precious and fragile element of our society. Once contaminated or irreversibly ruined, it cannot be simply “cleaned up” overnight.
The harmful effects of contaminated ground water for drinking, irrigation and stabilizing geological structures throw our society into chaos.
A watchdog agency with teeth to ensure we do not irreversibly ruin our natural resources is critical to our very survival.
That being said, our liberal leaders of the last 30 years have politicized and effectively compromised their credibility. Global Warming, when discredited, has morphed into Climate Change. The science is not settled.
 Accordingly, we must insist and then force the politicization of environmental protections stop.
One idea is to restrict any politician or lawyer from making money from any environmental program, cause, or action related to environmental outcomes.
The fact that Al Gore made Global Warming the compromised political “hot potato” it has become is representative of the manner that corruption by government employees while in public service allows them to create programs and bills that allow them to monetize outcomes for themselves.


Eliminate “public servants” and their lawyers from capitalizing for themselves, story lines and programs that falsify information to the American people.

As we know methods of war can include environmental crisis created by self-serving politicians, therefore any politicians and their lawyers making one dollar from business interests or false flags related to environmental causes should be prosecuted for treason.  Of course, this step would force lawyers to only include facts in their pleadings, filings, and bills which are beyond their moral compass but none the less necessary for restoring integrity within our system