George Soros Man on a Mission of Destruction.

George Soros
Nasty Little Man
Unity Through Solutions understands that George Soros is committing 500MM dollars to immigrant business startups to help them after they arrive in the USA.
This realization that this billionaire will not support home grown small businesses while only exploiting imbalances in corporate investments at the expense of American blue collar pension holders. He will hand out these hard working American savers’ money as charity to illegal aliens and immigrants whose escape from their homelands to become a cash burden on we Americans.
This globalist, Mr Soros , instrumental in nation building and destructive in the capital markets contrary to American capitalism and the dream we all aspire, should be expelled and denied further influence in America or at a minimum indicted for treason.


  • Prosecute their criminal acts
  • Expel any industrialist or wealthy globalist who conspires with and cohorts with those who would undermine our national sovereignty.
  • Freeze their assets then after expulsion donate the assets  to the US Treasury . .
America and Americans are broke as a result of the influences of evil globalists.  George Soros is evil
Are we ready to take our country back from these people and elect lifelong citizens whose only interest in public service is the best interest of all Americans?    Unity Through Solutions invites you be part  of the movement of restoration and unity .
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