Profile me! If I look like a Thug or a Hoodlum then Check me out. 

Profiles work
Profiles work for business to achieve the objective of finding a perfect customer.
Unity Through Solutions  poses this question to you all , “Is profiling wrong?”
Lets explore the topic  together .
Our domestic credit rating agencies profile everyone based upon ability to pay.
Airline, hotel, home mortgage, car rental firms and many large-scale public service firms require a credit card to use their facilities or services.
Many people do not use credit cards for any number of reasons who are very credit worthy yet they are denied service.
Profiling works in Israel and other parts of the world so why is America not embracing racial profiling to determine criminality potential?
Unity Through Solutions says that since profiling is good enough for credit rating agencies and hotels where options exist for the consumer to find alternatives it is good enough for our law enforcement agencies to evaluate immigrants just like every American is rated or profiled.


Allow and  require law enforcement to profile all immigrants and non citizen visitors to America and to deny re-entry of any person who leaves America for a known “hot” or otherwise terroristic breeding region of the earth.  Allowing immigrants to return to their homelands from America and re-enter the USA is crazy.  This most recent bomber who went “home” a couple times and returned to the US should have never been allowed back in the USA so how many innocent lives might he have taken had his plan to kill Americans would have been successful?  It is time  to shut political correctness and adopt common sense as a national theme.   Where are the leaders with courage to implement these common sense steps and do  what we know to be necessary to restore confidence in the safety of our nation’s people?

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