Unity Through Solutions discusses Faith Based Leadership Vacuum .

Unity Through Solutions is a faith based originated platform that was started for several reasons none the least of which is the originator’s belief that America has lost her footing due to a moralistic shift from God centered principles to men centered distractions.
We are concerned that the central banking system has sold out to the globalist controlled systems for a centralized world government that could only have been realized through the distractions of social chaos and by removing Christian influence over local and federal governance of America.
The return to the moral precepts of our nation’s Founders is the single fundamental solution to correcting America’s economic, racial, political and entertainment systemic slide back from the third world abyss so we go the way of Italy (Rome), Germany (middle ages), England (Empire), etc….. however, this is not a religious contest for if so, the Islamic peoples are protected and the Christians are doomed.
The solution for a re-emergence of American respectability across the globe is for Christ centered, church going, responsible business minded upwardly mobile Bible reading professionals to retake our courthouses, capital buildings, elected offices, banking, criminal justice, SCOTUS, military and social programs administration through a unified and cohesive movement.  Sorry to you liberals out there who think licking the boots of the perverts of our society and empowering them to leadership is the solution……..  we see how that has worked out!