Unity Through Solutions Discusses Polls show Clinton trounced Trump during debate — New York Post

Clinton Machine losing its wheels
Hillary Clinton is Panicking as Minorities desert her so Trump soft peddles to help her


Donald Trump rolled over for Hillary Clinton in last nights debate (Sept, 26) just as Unity Through Solutions had  expected would be  the case. Trump merely folded like a cheap suit.

Trump and Clinton are two peas of the same elitist globalist pod. Now this is openly apparent as the curtain of the theatre America has experienced watching Trump emerge as the Republican party candidate has started to collapse.

Trump soft peddled Hillary Clinton on any real issues of her criminal background and only showed himself to be the buffoon he really is.

If you are reading this and care about America ,we are asking you to respond in affirmation and join our movement to restore the Union.

If you are unwilling to mobilize your community for a renewed America, please stay where you are as we are only seeking energetic change makers who can influence your peers for the sake of all Americans.

Clinton v Trump
Hillary v. Donald J.  Round 1

Become a community activist as we use the Clinton/Obama/Trump rule book against them in their own game…….. let us mobilize to reverse their socialist plan to bring down America. Better yet become a state affiliate and we will train you to be a true Key Board warrior  in our very own social media boot camp . Nov 15th 2016

Hillary Clinton trounced Donald Trump in Monday night’s debate – the first of three slugfest between the two candidates, according to a poll of voters who viewed the showdown. Sixty-two percent of voters who tuned into the debate at Hofstra University backed the Democratic nominee, while only 27 percent said they thought The Donald pulled…

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