CNN Commentator Insults Americans and Unity Through Solutions weighs in.

Keeping LIberals Uninformed for decades
Clinton News Network
Liberal infomercial CNN commentator Chris Cuomo insults Americans who earn less than $40,000 dollars per year by likening poor Americans to Islamic immigrants whose intent is to kill Americans.
Chris Cuomo, CNN defender for importing terrorism to America whose adversarial position to anything conservative and true shows his true colors interviewing a state representative who was explaining the practical reasons why America should stop all immigration. Unity through Solutions agrees that all should be stopped until systems and procedures can be implemented to guarantee that not one more terrorist is imported to our country.
Cuomo is a deceiver whose mission is the destruction of the real America. 


Unity Through Solutions strongly encourages all decent law abiding Americans to boycott CNN until they return to reporting the accurate news instead of just pitching the img_0425destructive liberal agenda.  Lets us “Just Say NO to CNN” and these biased lawyers posing as reporters.