Unity Through Solutions Discusses Hillary Clinton’s “Deplorable” Accusation.

We are the deporables
Unity through Solutions says… “Just call us “Deplorable ” as in Clinton’s reference to “half of Trumps supporters as a basket of deplorables”…
What does that say for this wanna-be president of the US?
Apparently we who are a Christian, hard working, pay our own way, straight, and conservative thinking American are deplorable.  We understand this protozoan has never contributed anything useful to anyone other than selling of our national interests to hostile foreign interests but we have a few words for you Ms Clinton and not one includes any character trait worthy of true Americans.
Apparently we law abiding, hard working class Americans who are God fearing, decent and with a moral compass are dregs of society in her and her supporters eyes but lets look at her and them.
Devoid of practical, mainstream or working class principals without any basis to qualify as anything other than “lawyer”, this individual is a reflection of perverse, treasonous, lying, cheating, elitist corruption and self centered criminality who has sunk below any minimal standard to be president.
America is a laughing stock, hated by most of the global community yet here this candidate for the highest office in the world dares call us deplorable. Well call us deplorable Hillary if that is your opinion, but we shall see just how far down you can take us before the American people wake up, then lets see how history addresses this period of American and world history.
You Hillary Clinton, ma’am are an abomination to mankind. If your supporters were not the perverted leaches of society who prey upon the rest of us, you would not be where you  are.
If we are deplorable as compared to you Ms Clinton and your supporters, we will wear the brand with pride as there is no definition of you that is mention-able by honorable Americans.  We am a proud Americans which is more than anyone can say about you…