Obamacare is a disaster
Obamacare is a disaster

Unity Through Solutions discusses America’s  Health Care


Our team here at UnityThrough Solutions asserts that many Americans believe Obama-care is a Clinton initiative meant to control the lives and deaths of Americans through controlled access to treatment protocols.

The truth includes these facts.  However is much more sinister in its design and execution including massive payoffs and payments to democratic party insiders.  Ever wonder why the Ferguson, MO racial riots erupted during the same week that the Obama-care MIT professor Jonathan Gruber was being exposed as having committed several levels of fraud while collecting fees from his US Gov and state governments clients.
Mr. Gruber falsified data and outcomes algorithms to match a narrative intended to justify a phony healthcare system.  The payoffs and resulting compensation paid to Clintonites and Obamites and their attorneys for providing “services” in rolling out the program constitute a massive transfer of wealth from taxpayers to democratic party fundraisers and insiders.  The fact the program was a fraud, is not working as promoted, exploding costs under the program are bankrupting everyone involved and, that they actually criminalize poor Americans who cannot afford the tax while forcing care to be provided to illegal aliens and so called Islamic refugees only serves to compound the results of these activities.  The Clintons, Obama’s and their friends got richer while America got fleeced.


Throw out Obama-care in its entirety and allow private sector models that include competitive marketplace options to re-emerge.  There are existing models that provide a fully privatized, less costly yet superior quality of care outcomes based maintenance vs very expensive catastrophic care where only the big pharma wins.  Lets review “prescription benefits management” companies for excessive loads for administering every prescription across our system and figure out who owns these companies making these enormous “middlemen” fees.

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