Unity Through Solutions discusses Abolishing 501  (C) 3  Religious Tax Free Status   Volunteer


While a very unpopular notion by eliminating 501s as an important part of the internal revenue code, we believe that the code is a control mechanism that limits religious leaders and preachers from exercising their Christian duty to warn their brethren of the counter Christian movements across our country.
The fact that only genuine churches and charitable organizations will thrive is true. The imitators then defunded and professional religious leaders will have to get real jobs.
Judeo Christian morals built our country assuming the role of settler, carpenter, farmer, blacksmith, wagon builder, etc……. That our government lied to Native Americans and failed to live up to the treaties does not implicate the hard working American immigrates as dishonest
This has posed as a great argument used today to justify reparations and other giveaways to people of color. 
People of color have fought for equal rights and been granted them . Now it is time for this section of our population to agree that we are all born equal and that none of us deserve a right to demand one segment of people support the others just over skin color.
I hope you as a reader understand the message here that starts out as an seemingly unChristian idea to end tax deductions for supporting our churches when in reality this would end all tax deductions for any religious organization, and evolves into a message relating to “all men created equal” which is a Christian fact. The USGov has elected to control our money and by incentivizing support of our churches really taken control of our churches while at the same time eliminating every Christian concept from American society and now knows who supports Christian views by virtue of our tax returns and who we give our money to.
As has now been realized, the only pure way to eliminate government intrusion into Christian living is to eliminate the tool they use to thwart our way of life.


Stop supporting Christian organizations with tax deductions and support them with after tax dollars or force your elected legislators to stop persecuting Christians while promoting terroristic peoples to migrate from their country of origin. It is not proper for our US Government  to persecute one religion while allowing other religions to circumvent our laws and way of life. If we are to regain our land, our religious leaders must educate our people to the lies and deception our corporate USA and its minions have created.