Unity Through Solutions discusses USA Nonessential Agencies NGOs

Ngo 02 Unity through Solutions
We are  familiar with the myriad of seemingly unnecessary regulations and red tape associated with every aspect of doing business with our governmental agencies and departments.  It is  important to note that too many legislative whims get in the way of insuring only sound and practical systems and procedures are implemented. The only goal for any agency or NGO should be  insuring  effective and efficient governance. However we now see even useful or necessary mandates become political fodder in the hands of our legislators and their attorneys cloaked in political “gamesmanship”.
This is a topic that can be solved when we address it along side several other topics previously discussed here.
Another and potentially more serious threat to Americans is the abomination of left leaning agendas that subrogate our civil liberties through the National Arts Association, National Education Association , Common Core, and groups such as  Tides Organization. The list goes on seemingly forever. Solution ….simply eliminate or at least defund from/of US tax dollars.  The litmus test for any dollar being spent by the federal government should be Only dollars can be  used in the best interest of all Americans and not  a minority cross-section via  political handouts.  
The forced defunding of any program or pork barrel expenditure should be required of our legislative bodies with a re-emphasis on the Founders intent that the federal governments only role was to protect and to serve all the states from forces foreign and domestic.  
Current reality is  … our nation is now a nation of political favors and grants through every mechanism imaginable. Though our politicians our government has created this partisan disaster under which we are all living. NGO


Our people shall force our  elected officials to de-fund or eliminate entirely any non-essential legislated department or agency whose mission is not solely to protect and serve Americans.
For example: The Department of Immigration should only serve the needs and best interests of Americans  not the best interests of foreigners whose interests are inconsistent with ours.
Of course term limits and several other topics of this series must be adopted so that a holistic restructuring of our American Legislative branches can be accomplished for the best outcome (solution) for all Americans. As you continue to consider our topics we ask that you view adoption of each topic as an action item in each reader’s best interest.