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Unity Through Solutions Discusses Term Limits

As we know term limits have been repeatedly set aside as non-essential legislation reform. We also know every politician knows the importance of reinstating them as law but will not out of self interest. A “Constitutional Convention” might be necessary to force the practice. Of course the very politicians most of whom would not be able to obtain gainful employment much less become millionaires will resist. Terms limits must become a priority of the American people as surely as we must regulate the legal industry. The politicians use the lawyers to raise objections to the people. Many lawyers make millions from taxpayer-funded fees protecting these politicians.


Require that no sitting representative of the people be allowed to serve more than 8 years before either running for another job and being elected. If an elected official is not re-elected for a higher office after serving their 8 year term (2 four year terms) then they are prohibited from reapplying for the higher job. The rational being that if a representative is ineffective at one level and aspires to a greater but is not promoted by the voters, then his job is deemed to have been ineffective and he must remain a citizen and not a representative of the people. Furthermore elected officials should not receive any compensation, perks or otherwise monetary value while in office other than a per Diem for housing and transportation expenses. If a candidate has been unable to support himself as a private citizen and to save requisite funds to support his family and responsibilities, how can we elect them to manage multi million and billion dollar decisions. Staffers should be required to meet minimum life experience and professional standards and not be interns or young people whose knowledge about life and circumstances are inadequate to craft legislation and guide legislatures daily appointments.

By revamping and downsizing our federal government at every level through term limits, we reduce unnecessary expenses effectively reducing the debt clock, simplify regulatory hurdles allowing our citizens to live their lives and, shift unfair economic subsidies from political supporters’ interests to law enforcement of our Constitutional rights. Our system is composed of career politicians protected by their lawyers. It is time to throw both out the “back door” and “clean house” for the preservation of our country. It is us or them and they are winning so far……… Re-elect no incumbents and eliminate compensation and perks while in public office.


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  1. Representatives I can see as they only serve 2 year terms. Senators serve 6 year terms, and therefore should be limited to 2 terms. We have already limited the President with 2 terms. This is my thoughts on term limits.


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