Unity Through Solutions Discusses “Guns and Roses”

Unity Through Solution Topic Guns N Roses 2016-08-29 13_12_29

Not only is this topic “Guns and Roses” referencing a rock band .It  symbolizes the very contentious issue of personal safety vs liberal disarmament.  The liberals want to send flowers and assert everything will be alright. Meanwhile the real world arms itself to come and rape, pillage and kill us.
Roses are meant to be enjoyed as they are beautiful to behold and before genetic altering by our seed companies, they were also aromatic and they help pollinate other living things including providing us honey.  Roses also have a defensive mechanism in their thorns that we all have encountered at some point but only when we got to close.  What are roses good for?
Reminding us of the beauty of our creation and the soft pleasant aroma of nature but when the gardener comes to kill them all he has to do is pull them up by their roots and they are dead and  thrive no more.
Like roses… when cared for and respected, guns can be enjoyed and utilized in a safe fashion until someone comes along and disrupts their very nature by turning them on innocent or unsuspecting victims.  Should we outlaw roses and guns because a few disturbed individuals potentially ruin it for everyone?


Require everyone who owns a home and property maintain a rose garden and to own a gun.

When an evil gardener comes along to pull up our lives through violence, we can defend ourselves and our roses.  May our roses always bloom bright and our guns remain locked and loaded.