Clinton Economics is Lipstick on a Pig.

Unity through Solutions 2016 Ben Garrison with atribution
Hillary Clinton’s economic policy is  blatant corruption on every level, murder, conspiracy, treason and on and on to increase Bill, Hillary and Chelsea’s foundation checkbook/s balance/s all across the globe.
The scam started in Arkansas, moved to WDC under Bill’s presidency. Then he the   extended the scam to include his circle of influence and handlers, Hillary’s senate seat and grew in assets under their State Department pay to play.
They are impervious to prosecution because their lawyers arrange every step to skirt the edge of law and when laws get in the way they either change the law or break it.  Then when questiones just deny they ever did anything wrong.
There are medical terms describing this type of activity.  Additional there are  criminal laws of the land.  There is no trust of government because only lawyers run it and have so systematized the Clinton crime family within our national power structure.
Clinton economics is very simple. Apparently their ability to bring down the whole system through their first hand knowledge of everyone else’s crimes, if exposed, is their protection. The most recent example being the setting aside by our FBI’s Director Mr. Comey of her illegal secret server.
There is no way under Gods creation these people are not totally guilty and should have been prosecuted . To say  otherwise is in itself conspiracy.
 Every senior office holder under this sitting president is on the fix and playing a game with our freedom, our wealth and our character intentionally setting us up for a Constitutional crisis.


Americans need forbid lawyers from holding public office and  force a wholesale house cleaning of any incumbent who is a lawyer in these elections.
Lawyers are the root of all evil and these lawyers have figured out how to rob us blind.
America is an oligarchy where Clinton economics have thrived.  We must reclaim our republic through voting these people from public office or their crimes will continue unabated and we suffer on their behalf.