Unity through Solutions discusses Education Vouchers


Public education has evolved into a dangerous, non productive, expensive and immoral system.  The federal government has taken control of the system through control of funding.
Funding curtailment have provided teachers with an excuse to not teach and just babysit.  Students feel like little children because they are not corrected or disciplined instead treated like livestock.
Livestock require fences, prods and leashes to manage.
Fences, prods and leashes are why our young people have rejected growing up to become responsible and productive members of society.
Why are Americans declining in global status, go back  to the first sentence of this discussion.  It’s because of
  • lack of education
  • lack of discipline
  • lack of moral foundation
  • lack of hope for a better tomorrow.


  • Reclaim our public schools from the federal government.
  • Reject the funding from them by not sending it to them in the first place.
If all state and local American cities and district taxing authorities escrow the funds we send to the federal government in a concerted effort instead allocating the dollars to local issues with the exception of a percentage going for national protection, how long would it take the federal agencies to realize we are serious about reclaiming our country and educating our children as productive citizens… not managed as livestock?

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Why does 10% funding equal control?

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