Unity Through Solutions Discusses Workplace Ethics.

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Unity Through Solutions Workplace Ethics

Unity through Solutions observes computers have revolutionized workplace productivity.  They have  automated machine operations and allowed us to monitor quality assurance along with systemized sales and marketing tracking, automated distribution channels, and real time communications at every level of the supply chain.

America led the revolution along with the Japanese, Koreans, Europeans, Russians. Now all the rest of the developed world is  following to modernize their economies and participate in the new modern era or productivity. Unity Through Solutions 2016 20120 ethics 04
Of course medicine has advanced in light year terms for identifying and treating illness of every nature. We fail to recognize in our workplaces  that social media and other workplace distractions from these same technical advances are causing our productivity to decline. Normal life activities  fall victim to “always connected” distractions further imperiling the safety of our lives.
Has the time come to eliminate “personal” devices from the workplace in order to keep our employees focused on their task?  Instead of paying them for an hour and getting 20 minutes we actually might get back to an hour’s pay for an hours work?
Employees want increased compensation. However when you factor the cost of social media to employers, workers are receiving in fact at least a 100% benefit as they get paid for full time only working half of the time.


Both employers and workers should agree to  eliminate personal devices from the workplace. Accordingly employers can increase compensation by at least 25% so everyone wins.
This is an ethical outcome for all parties.  Employees make more money and employer gets total focus from the employee to increase productivity and decrease workplace incidents from distractions.