Criminal Justice System Reform

Criminal Justice reform Unity through solutions 2016-2020 02
Unity Through Solutions Advocates Criminal Justice Reform

Everyone knows the criminal justice system has evolved into a cesspool of greed and manipulation for the purpose of guaranteeing that the legal industry thrives while the rest of us suffer.

We know that judges, plaintiffs counsel, defense attorneys and the many employees they utilize is one big social welfare program for these who live off of the misery of others.
We hear the fancy statements made by “officers of the court” insisting they are a valuable tool in the fight against injustice and persecution while perpetrating the greatest fraud of all on every American who is vulnerable.Criminal Justice reform Unity through solutions 2016-2020 01
Are we ready to retake our criminal justice system and correct the “crime for money” scheme that is a larger version of the  Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “pay to play” and  “get rich off of America”. This is of course only if you are a foreign corporate interest seeking to capture our nation’s wealth.
Remember both Bill and Hillary Clinton and their cronies came for the legal community where gaming is a way of life and winners win by ruining their neighbors.


  • We all must become serious about the concept of  “loser pays”. That means  the loser in a litigation pays the legal fees for all parties.
  • We must require prosecutors be punished  severely when they use their office to persecute political opponents.
  • We must eliminate private and for profit jails and prisons in our system.
Now that the federal government is eliminating this practice as they are apparently reading our “Unity Through Solutions” postings, lets keep up the pressure and get all for profit motives out of our criminal justice system.  Criminal Justice reform Unity through solutions 2016-2020 03