True Healthcare Reform

We are suffering financially at the hands of Barack Obama and his cronies who perpetrated this fraud on the American people called Obama-care.  Unity through solutions 2016-2020 04
We must remember that Hillary Clinton introduced herself to America as our first lady by informing us that with her husband’s presidency we would get” two for the price of one”.
Well now 24 years later, we got ten thousand to one in the form of increased costs, lower quality of care and a ruined national system where the democrats’ insiders got rich and America got screwed.
There is a fully vetted and effective private health care model already developed waiting for the American people to say enough is enough and demand reform.
Unity Through Solutions has a direct relationship with the author of this health care model ready to introduce it if the American people are sick and tired of the current state of affairs and are ready to support him as our next president.