American's For America
American’s For America

Americans for America.

America’s future is on the brink of a catastrophic interruption. Our nation will be  bestowed, once this 2016 presidential election is concluded, with either the corruption of elitism under a Trump presidency or  elitism under a Clinton presidency. America and all Americans lose.
We spend our energy and money supporting either the right 5% or the left 5% while the middle 90% suffer the incompetence and self-dealing that both of these candidates have made their careers mastering.
America requires an American for America with a solutions based skills set capable of leading proactive top down solutions based outcomes that replace the self-serving Washington, DC federal leadership with practical public service programs.
We need a leader capable downsizing the federal government  to its intended purpose to serve and protect the Union of These 50 United States and her territories.  This can be done by returning state decisions to the states in an orderly fashion. This is essential and  necessary or we perish.
 Americans now must unite and demand that one of theirs be elected to lead us back to prosperity and security.


Unity Through Solutions 2016-2020 America for American 01

Bring up one of our own and make sure he or she  wins in 2020. This will guarantee our future as a sovereign nation, founded under God for the preservation of these free people.
The elitists Hillary Clinton or Donald J Trump will not. Therefore we The American People must join together to ensure our Constitution survives. We are surely at risk of losing everything if we do not.  Our elective process is our Constitutionally guaranteed method of governance so we must use it or lose it.