Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

We all know that America has no money to fund replacement of our outdated and dangerous infrastructure.  As the technology innovation leader for the world until 40 years ago, America had the distinction as having the best first.
However now that infrastructure is old, dilapidated, inefficient and in most case a danger to our population as either crumbling and unsafe. Consider our  water systems, full of lead or sewage and pharmaceutical discharge,  therefore a danger to our children.
We also know that our elected officials have squandered our financial” where-with-all” to fund these needed replacements or repairs, The tax payers have nothing left in their paycheck that the politicians can get so we swim in sewage, and drink carcinogens, while our bridges collapse.  

The Solution

Unity through Infrastructure Solutions

Allow IRA and pension funds to invest directly into the replacement of these critical infrastructure bypassing the tax collectors and the third party private equity and hedge fund interests who take over and make roads, bridges and water plants privately owned assets paid for by public dollars.

There is a mechanism available to do this.

However, this  solution removes politicians’ ability and their lawyers’ mechanisms to extract graft.
Therefore the people must demand that innovative new investment structures be implemented to allow pensioners to invest directly into America’s hard assets infrastructure instead of being forced to invest in worthless paper assets like stocks and bonds where only the bankers and their lawyers pay themselves exorbitant fees and compensation leaving the pensioners to absorb the losses when these assets collapse because there is no hard/ real assets behind the paper.   When we resolve this major problem we promote national unity through solutions.